Big Product requires Big Projects and Big Projects required Big investments which results in Big Margin , Big Sales and Big Brand.

We have German Technology for some highly Technical products for which no one have Technology in India.

We offer you Joint Venture if you ready to Invest together we will rule the world.

Our Joint venture offers are for below Projects

> Highly premium Protective Films
> Self-Adhesive Vinyl Films
> VHB Double sided tapes with High strength,
> High Quality Masking Tapes for High Temperature applications

Why our Joint Venture ?

We have German Technology
Ready to spend millions to buy Technology from well established German brand , will he provide it to you ? No. We can did it for you in very affordable cost , in easy communication
We know machine design

You are using right raw material right manpower but still not been able to produce good Quality material, producing wastage producing rejections losing business loosing time.

All because your machine design not been capable of producing it or one minor change required you don’t know. We know that we did it for you. One time investment life time gain.

We know Raw materials according to applications

You have invested crores of Rs in project brought High end machine higher highly skill raw materials. Still result is not coming as you are using wrong Raw materials, we can make them right on a click. For this one click we work day night in right direction for 12+ years.

We know Process we learn it from world’s best Germans

Right machine, right Material, right infrastructure still results are not good. Process of making finished goods makes all difference we are here to established it at your end.

In daily business pressure you cant focus on Production volume and sales, we have only one focus R&D for you give us your challenges we will give you solutions.

We are not general consultants we are Company who invested Heavily to access German Technology. We are the firm Charging you once and giving you product of Generations. We Invest Heavily in LAB to ensure Quality of Products to lead in Asia and Stand in Europe.

We don’t believe in Quantity we believe in Quality and long term Relations. We will sent only one project for one Product we will not create competitors for our client instead we will create Global market for our client from our sources and will earn together for long term.

Protection Films high grade
(Laser Cutting , Automobile , Optical and more )

Entire Indian Market is dependent on German products till date for high Grade films , Specially Laser cutting and Automobile films noone manufactures in Asia Germany is only reliable source globally today.

Self Adhesive Vinyl Films

Highly premium highly secretive very high demand in international market we have technology to produce Self Adhesive vinyl film. Very high margin we will get as our cost of production will be very less compare to 3M and Avery.

Masking Tape

Masking tape is used for automotive components, marine applications, masking for circuit boards, final bandage of coils for electrical motors, mild powder coating etc.

Application Tape

Transfer tape or application tape, also known as “pre-mask”, is a necessity for sign-making and digital graphics. Transfer tape is so named because it transfers your cut vinyl and graphics from the release liner to the substrate.

VHB Tape

Double sided tapes are distinguished by having adhesive on both sides. They are primarily used to stick two surfaces together, often mounting a small item onto a wall, vehicle body or similar.

Double sided mounting tapes are widely used in arts and crafts and at displays and exhibitions. In automotive applications, double sided mounting tape is often used to permanently attach trims, emblems, decals, moldings and mirror fixings to the vehicle body.