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Make India largest Exporter of Adhesive Tapes in world


Make a Brand which represent Highest Quality, Service and Trust.

Born with a need of Quality Products in Indian market to enhance Quality of Finish goods , Technology brought from Germany & R&D done in India for more than 12 years a team of Experts Lead by Mr. Annand S Naik worked with POLI FILM Germany taken over there Unit along with complete knowhow & Knowledge of International Markets.

Mr Annand S Naik , Technical Director , Having vast Experience of variety of coating products , key person  who works with POLI FILM Germany from the day one of there first operation in India in fact the person who was with Germans from the finding out the premises for them in India. Since 2010 till date completely involved in bringing new Technologies in India.

ASN is an innovative manufacturer of pressure sensitive self-adhesive tapes. Our production includes fully Automatic world class coating line: Natural rubber adhesive, Solvent base and water-based acrylic adhesive.

We offer a wide range of specialty tapes, ranging from Surface Protection Film for any Surface, freezer tape, Application Tape, Tapes for high temperature applications, Double sided tapes, Self-Adhesive vinyl Film, High Temperature and General-Purpose Masking Tapes, Auto Guard and anything customer specific.

We are placing a strong emphasis on R&D. The company continually upgrades its technology, materials, and know-how. Most of our products are based on our innovation and our ability to find the exact solution to meet our customers’ demands.  We always look for new ideas and suppliers. Don’t hesitate to share with us your challenges.

ASN is working together with its customers worldwide, joint ventures and strategic partners. We pay close attention to every detail to meet growing and changing market demands. Quality and service to our customer is our first priority. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiry on adhesive tapes.

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