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German technology

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Born with a need of Quality Products in Indian market to enhance Quality of Finish goods , Technology brought from Germany & R&D done in India for more than 12 years a team of Experts Lead by Mr. Annand S Naik worked with POLI FILM Germany taken over there Unit along with complete knowhow & Knowledge of International Markets.

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Surface Protection Films

Speciality Adhesive Tapes

Extremely Technical Project Joint Ventures

Big Product requires Big Projects and Big Projects required Big investments which results in Big Margin , Big Sales and Big Brand.

We have German Technology for some highly Technical products for which no one have Technology in India.

We offer you Joint Venture if you ready to Invest together we will rule the world.

Our Joint venture offers are for below Projects

> Highly premium Protective Films
> Self-Adhesive Vinyl Films
> VHB Double sided tapes with High strength,
> High Quality Masking Tapes for High Temperature applications